Paredes Elementary Chess Team

Mission Statement


We encourage the membership of school age chess players to grow academically, maintain their discipline, and focus on educational pursuits with the understanding that academic excellence has priority over actual chess endeavors.


We intend on preparing for and participating in tournament competition.


Benefits of Chess:


Chess is a fascinating game played for centuries throughout the world. It is a proven, internationally recognized academic learning tool that allows students of all ages to improve their logical reasoning and problem solving skills.


Chess develops memory and concentration, tactical and strategic thinking, self-esteem, self-discipline, and sportsmanship in a competitive environment.


Life lessons learned through chess include setting goals and priorities, viewing obstacles as challenges, learning from mistakes, patience, persistence, and decision making under time constraints.



Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Chess Team

Booster Club Constitution


Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Chess Team Booster Club.


Article 2 - Objectives

The first objective of the Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Booster Club is to

support chess which helps improve the students’ ability to concentrate. Chess increases critical and abstract thinking, planning, logic, and analysis which gives it a great educational value. It has been proven to improve school grades and standard test results. The second objective of the Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Chess Team Booster Club is to improve students’ sportsmanship, moral values, and social behavior. The third objective is to help support the school’s student academic needs and motivational activities. Finally, the Paredes Chess Team Booster Club will raise funds to support the chess team’s and schools student needs and activities.


Article 3 - Officers

The officers of the Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Booster Club shall consist

of the following: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian. This group of officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. The Paredes Chess Sponsor(s) shall also be a voting member of the Executive Committee.


Article 4 - Meetings

Formal meetings shall be once a month, the First Wednesday of every month,

starting at 5:30pm.,  to plan tournaments, fundraisers, expenses or out of town trips to compete in important chess tournaments such as regional, state, or national scholastic championships. President may call special meetings.


Article 5 - Amendments

The Constitution and By-laws of the Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Booster

Club may be amended by a majority vote of members present at any meeting provided the amendment was presented in writing at a previous meeting.


Article 6 - Quorum/Voting

Section 1: Four members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting meetings.

Section 2: Each qualified member of the Booster Club shall have one vote.

Section 3: Each member must be present in order for his/her vote to be cast.


Article 7 - Procedures

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the governing authority.









Dr. Americo Paredes Elementary Chess Team

Booster Club By-Laws


Article 1 – Duties of the Officers

Section 1 – The President oversees smooth functioning of the club, resolves

disputes with the aid of the Chess Team Sponsor(s). The President is ready to take over for any other officer who is absent or negligent of duties. The President prepares the agenda for each meeting and plans chess activities, goals, and fundraisers in consultation with the Chess Team Sponsor(s). President shall be able to sign on the checking account.


Section 2 – The Vice-President assists the President and Chess Team Sponsor(s) with activities and goals of the organization. Assumes the job of

President if the president is absent from the meeting.


Section 3 – The Secretary/Financial adviser keeps a club roster of all members. Keeps a written record of all meetings and present at regular meetings a copy of the previous meeting minutes for the approval of the members. The Secretary shall be in

charge of the publicity and public relations with the community for the Paredes

Chess Team.


Section 4 – The Treasurer will keep a written account of collection funds, pay

expenses, deposit funds in the Dr. Americo Paredes Chess Team Booster Club

account. The treasure will warn members when funds are low, and prepare a

copy of the Club’s financial position for members for each monthly meeting, after the fundraiser, or a major expense such as a trip. The Treasurer will sign checks to pay necessary expenses.


Section 5 – The Parliamentarian shall define, clarify and/or rule over all parliamentary procedures during Booster Club meetings.


Article 2 - Election of Officers

Section 1 – Nominations shall be taken from the voting members of the Booster Club.


Section 2 – Elections

A.  The annual election of officers shall be held in May of current school year for the coming school year.

B.  New Officers assume their duties a week after their election.

C.  If any officer fails to attend any three meetings, the executive committee can declare the post vacant and meet to appoint someone to the vacant position.


Article 3 – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from June 1st to May 31st.


Article 4 - Funds

A. Membership dues will be $15.00 per student per month per player for the first child & $10.00 per month for any siblings for the school year.

B. All funds generated by the Booster Club shall be kept in an account and bank approved by the Executive committee.

C. All moneys necessary to maintain the Booster Club will be taken from the Booster Club account with the approval of the Executive committee.

D. All checks must be signed by the treasurer or financial advisor.

E. Major expenditures must be approved by the general membership.


Article 5– Player/Parent Responsibility

A. School rules apply to all practices and chess tournaments.

B. Parents/Guardian must attend at least 50% of the Booster club meetings.

C. Parents must help at fundraisers, chess tournaments (hosting), chess tournaments (participating), or other functions.





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